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RollerDrive EC5000


The pictures are illustrative and do not resemble the actual product
Partially suitable for freezer area
Partially suitable for moist areas
If you cannot find a certain configuration please contact our Sales Team

RollerDrive EC5000

Whether in the 48 V or 24 V version, with analogue or bus interface, these drives in three power levels enable you to meet virtually any customer requirement.

Interroll found the perfect balance between innovation and practicality: even if it’s a brand-new motor roller, the RollerDrive EC5000 is backwards-compatible with the current controls and power supplies. It is going to be extremely easy for you to retrofit your existing system and upgrade it with our new solutions. In no time you will have a conveyor system that’s faster, stronger, and more efficient. What’s more, it will be ready to provide loads of data like running time and status information to your digital systems to help you plan your maintenance schedule.

The RollerDrive EC5000 has been tested millions of times in different applications at various ambient temperatures. This guarantees extreme reliability and durability in the most types of environments. A real proven product!

  • Space-saving design
  • Brushless drive
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low-noise running
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Easy installation

DC Platform Catalog
Operating manual
CANopen Certificate
CANopen Interface Description
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